R. Paul Faxon LLC | Family Business Law
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Family Business Law

Keeping family businesses healthy while managing the dynamics of a multi-generational organization.

Family businesses require legal advice that meets the unique challenges and complex needs of stakeholders within the structure of family enterprises. Clients come to me from a variety of industries, including manufacturing and commercial real estate. They bring diverse economic, family branch and generational backgrounds that need careful consideration within the context of their business models.


While family businesses seek many of the services offered within a general business law practice, the circumstances of family businesses require a thorough understanding of the multi-layered dynamics in such an organization. This complexity often calls for an inter-disciplinary approach delivered by a team of allied professionals all working together to achieve the collective goals of the organization. In that vein, clients often rely on me to introduce them to experts in complementary fields, including family business consulting professionals.


In the area of Family Business Law, I regularly draw upon my conflict management skills, including mediation and Collaborative Law.


Some of the services offered to family businesses include:

  • Ownership succession, restructuring and sales of businesses requiring legal analysis and documentation
  • Corporate governance documentation and entity structures
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Employment contracts
  • Real estate transactions

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